To draw a subject realistically,

such as an eye, one must

not think of drawing an eye,

but instead identify and isolate

the shapes that make up that eye,

and then attempt to reproduce

those shapes on paper.


Typically, drawing an eye while

thinking about drawing an eye

leads to drawing what one thinks

an eye should look like, instead of

the actual appearance of the

specific eye being drawn.


I often apply a similar technique

to photography as an alternative

way of seeing. I look for interesting

visual forms and relationships rather

than potential subjects and objects,

and then I compose each image

with regard to those visual forms,

sometimes leading to unusual and

even subject-lacking images,

despite the realistic representation

of the scenes photographed.


Through this method I attempt to

avoid representing the landscape in a preconceived way and instead search

for new and poetic approaches for photographing the landscape.